March 14, 2020

Ford Falcon, ‘The Complete Audison System’

Ford Falcon, ‘The Complete Audison System’

Ford Falcon FG with a full Audison System, Processor, Amplifiers, Subwoofer

When you want great sound!

This system has ben upgraded using one of the worlds best audiophile brands Audison.The audio is processed through a Audison Bit 1 which is custom installed below the original radio. The Audison Voce AV12 subwoofer has been custom installed in the right hand boot rear quarter, still allowing full practicality and functionality of this boot.A custom fabricated amp rack was constructed on the left hand side rear quarter of the boot to house two Audison amplifiers.

This was one amazing sounding systems, with so much control and adjustment through the Audison processor.

If you want a system upgrade similar to this, send us an email or drop in to our showroom! so we can go over the options to suit your car and budget!