December 10, 2019

MCS Mercedes Benz Motor Home demostration vehicle

MCS Mercedes Benz Motor Home demostration vehicle

Mercedes Benz 2010 Sprinter Motor Home custom fit out This vehicle’s custom fitout includes a

  • Oyster satalite TV system

The Oyster satalite system is made in Germany,will automatically locate a satalite and pick up T.V anywhere in the country.

  •  Eclipse AVN726ea Gps Navigation system

This Gps Navigation system has a built-in Bluetooth which delivers hands-free calling and audio streaming in conjunction with your corresponding Bluetooth device.The Eclipse AVn726ea also offers the latest in Suna GPS Traffic Updates broadcasts real-time traffic information directly to your unit. This service is free for the life of your device.

  •  Dual Eclipse BEC-108 CCD Camera’s

The Eclipse Bec-108 is a premium quality wide angle CCD camera. This system has a camera mounted high and low on the rear tail gate, a switch on the dash allowing viewing between the two camera locations. This image can be viewed while on the move through the infomation camera screen on the Eclipse AVN 726ea. The ultimate in reversing camera setups.

  • Redarc Smart Start BMS

The unit is designed to charge today’s automotive type batteries to their optimal charge level from either mains power (AC), vehicle power (DC) or solar power.  The system also incorporates a current shunt and Battery Monitor giving you more accurate information during the charge cycle.  With all these features in one product, the time and money saved during installation along with the added benefits of an integrated system make the Smart Start BMS the ultimate battery charging choice

  • ERPS Electronic rust system

We have also installed the ultimate in Electronic rust prevention systems on this vehicle a 10 pad system protects this motor home. The ERPS uses a revolutionary yet proven method of electrostatic charge to stop rust before it starts. By slowing down the chemical reaction between the steel in your vehicle and the oxygen, chemicals, salt and humidity that cause rust, ERPS prevents rust even in the most harsh environments. ERPS is designed to protect not only the outside of vehicles but also all the inner, hidden areas that traditional sprays can’t reach and can never fully cover

  • CTEK battery chargers

We have Ctek  battery chargers installed on the vehicles main battery and auxiliary batteries, when only the best battery chargers will do Ctek is our recomendation, with no fuss or worry about over charging or doing damage to your battery.


The pictures show the image of the exterior of motor home with Oyster system in it’s operational position and it’s down or off position. This shows the completed installation of Eclipse AVN GPS Navigation unit with a Mercedes Benz Sprinter dash kit. This system also consisted of dual Eclipse cameras located on the rear tail gate.