July 10, 2021

79 Series Landcruiser with Alpine 8″ Active Sub under rear seat

Want more bass without taking up precious space? This Alpine 8″ active subwoofer is for you! This unit might not look like much but you’ll be surprised by how much bottom end bass it can deliver – you will add deep, accurate bass to your system without taking up any valuable space in your car. Despite it’s ultra-compact size coming in at 340mm wide, 230mm tall and just 75mm deep, the high-excursion 8-inch subwoofer gives a strong 120W RMS of bass output.

This active sub is installed under the rear seat of 4 door 79 series Landcruiser and our customer is thrilled with the neat install. A great alternative to a large sub box with external amp. Call us today for a quote.